Introducing Frac Packs: Your Gateway to Effortless Excellence

Frac Packs—known by an array of names like pillow packs, fractional packs, or portion packs—are ingeniously designed packaging solutions meticulously tailored to brew 10 to 12 cups of robust, flavorful drip-ground coffee. With minimal effort, you can tear open a Frac Pack, gracefully pour its contents into a filter, and watch the magic unfold. In just around five minutes, a steaming pot of perfection awaits, ready to captivate and satisfy the following individuals:


The Ultimate in Coffee Packaging Innovation

Frac Packs redefine how coffee is brewed and enjoyed beyond coffee production. We specialize in crafting packaging that perfectly complements your premium coffee products. These precisely portioned packages of drip-ground coffee are engineered to effortlessly brew 10 to 12 cups of rich, flavorful coffee. With a simple tear and pour, you're on your way to delighting your customers with a steaming pot of goodness in minutes.


Delight a Diverse Range of Coffee Aficionados

The versatility of Frac Packs knows no bounds. Tailored for the modern coffee enthusiast, they cater to various individuals and establishments, including:

  • Vibrant office spaces looking for coffee excellence.
  • Relaxing break rooms offering moments of solace.
  • Exceptional hotels, motels, and inns provide a comforting stay.
  • Faithful congregants during religious gatherings.
  • Joyful wedding attendees and event participants.
  • Curious potential car buyers exploring showrooms.
  • Loyal restaurant regulars seeking a consistent treat.
  • Devoted drip coffee connoisseurs.
  • And an array of discerning palates.


Preserving Quality, Simplifying Service

PCKG understands the multifaceted demands you face in delivering an exceptional coffee experience. Frac Packs are your solution for streamlining the coffee preparation process. No longer burdened by intricate measurements and grinding, you can focus on delivering exceptional service. Whether catering to a bustling crowd or meeting the demands of a time-sensitive environment, Frac Packs eliminate complexity and contribute to seamless teamwork.


Crafting Memorable Experiences, One Package at a Time

Our mission is to empower your coffee brand by enhancing the customer journey. Incorporating Frac Packs into your offerings creates a memorable experience that resonates with your clientele. PCKG packaging ensures customers associate your brand with the finest coffee moments. This connection extends beyond the beverage, fostering loyalty and encouraging repeat business.


Precision in Packaging, Unwavering Quality

PCKG's dedication to quality packaging is unwavering. While we don't roast or produce coffee, we excel in perfecting the packaging that preserves your coffee's integrity. Our process begins with sourcing the finest materials and meticulously designing packaging that complements your brand's identity.


Frac Packs: From Concept to Completion

From the concept phase to the final product, PCKG's expertise shines. We collaborate with you to design pouch and box packaging that encapsulates your brand's essence. Our meticulously crafted Frac Packs provide a barrier against external elements, ensuring your coffee remains fresh and inviting from the moment it's packaged until it's brewed.


Experience the PCKG Advantage

In conclusion, we are your dedicated partner in providing coffee packaging that sets your brand apart. Frac Packs embody our commitment to convenience and quality in coffee packaging. 

Elevate your coffee offerings, captivate your discerning clientele, and embark on a journey of coffee excellence with PCKG's Frac Packs. 

Your brand's legacy deserves nothing less than packaging perfection.


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